Galloping Yoga

  • Earn Your GallopingYOGA Certification

    Those interested in the GallopingYOGA Certification Programs have an unrelenting desire to evolve joyfully while helping others to do the same.

    GY’s programs are unique, innovative and life changing!

    “Ever since I was a little girl I felt there was something very profound and sacred about my time spent with horses… a life force dormant within me that came alive in the company of horses. This program is a culmination of practices, techniques, knowledge and adventure from 40 years of combined experience in the saddle and on the yoga mat that will awaken your Spirit! I can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your journey! What you gain from this training is measured only by the quality of focus and energy you put in. Are you ready?… if you’re reading this, then I believe you are ready!” – Louise


    This training is for you if…

    You want to improve your riding skills
    You want to become a more confident, skillful and intuitive rider and/or coach
    You desire to release your fears, overcome obstacles and render your self-limiting beliefs
    You feel ready to explore the spiritual realm of your Self and the horses
    You want to develop a healthier body that is stronger, more toned and flexible
    You want to learn proven techniques that decrease stress and promote well-being and longevity
    You’d like to acquire an accredited, professional certification that will allow you to earn money doing what you love.

    40 hr program includes:

    An exploration (anatomy/physiology, benefits, teaching methods) of Yoga postures that are especially benificial to horse people.
    Gain an understanding about how to keep the human body healthy and methods to prevent and treat injuries using yogic techniques.
    Develop a stronger core and greater flexibility in the major joints and muscle groups affected by riding.
    Improve your balance and feel, on the ground and in the saddle.


    Train your mind to focus.
    Learn Meditaion and Breathing techniques to balance your energy and tap into your intuition.
    Discover the power of the subconscious mind and learn some powerful techniques to overcome life’s challenges.
    Learn to align your thoughts, feelings and actions with your truest intentions.


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    Discover how horses are a mirror of the energy that we exude and how time spent with horses is a gift to our Spirit.

    Learn to call your Spirit home to your body and discover the feeling of this embodiment.

    Location & Investment: *NO DATES CONFIRMED! Louise will be out of the country for 3 years (returning 2019).
    Your Investment Includes:
    Professional Certification
    Manuals and handouts
    Knowledge of a system that will allow you to make an income by combining your passions of yoga and horses!
    Partnership with of one of our horses for your training

    To Register:

    Email Louise directly at to let her know about your interest in the spring 2016 GY program. (**Because Louise spends most of her time on the yoga mat or in the saddle and not in her office,  be aware that it may take up to two weeks for her to get back to you!)